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About Bettula

Bettula Skinny Cuff

Bettula was started in 2006. I wanted to create something original that would stand out among the sea of jewelry as birches stand out in a tree line. I like to think that I am telling the tale of the woodlands by taking something wild and creating a functional piece of jewelry or home decor.

The inspiration began in 2005 while studying a fallen birch tree. The process of learning what birch bark is capable of lead to the creation of a line of bark jewelry in its simplest form. The pieces reflect the life and beauty of birch bark. Every piece of bark is different and the textures and unique markings in the bark may make it difficult or even impossible to duplicate.

Our combined commitment to you is originality, craftsmanship and the best customer service! Thank you for supporting us!

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Heather Fagan